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I call this magic because its always inspiring what you can do with a bunch of yarn

Its like a magic trick !

My most recent project is a blanket for my sister in law’s soon to be son.

she is five months pregnant and the moment I heard I instantly knew I would make her a blanket

when I found out it was a boy they where expecting the blue color came naturally into the picture and after some prodding I found out her nursery colors are blue, white and sandy beige.

so I dug into my wool cupboard and found the colors I needed.

here’s what I came up with

next came the style, and of course I researched and researched and researched and nothing was perfect, none were her ! And me being good friends with my sister in law made it even more difficult because it had to be just right! then came inspiration : in the form of a glass of wine and some dear friends.. we brainstormed. They spoke in layman’s term, I translated to crochet and before we knew it I was yarning over and cast off 99 chains.

This blanket is going to be adorable !

above is the basic pattern that will be repeated until the blanket is long enough, then ill start with the boarder

I started with 99 chains, you can chain as many as you like as long as its a multiple of 10 minus 1

in other words 69 (70 minus 1 ) or 79 (80 minus 1) or 89 (90 minus 1) etc etc… you get the idea

after doing your chains start by a row of half doubles in white

then a row of single crochets in beige ,

then another row of half doubles in blue.

then a row of single crochets in beige

you will see that all my stitches are facing the right side because I personally hate the wrong side or back side of a stitch.. i finish of each row individually which makes it a hell of a job to finish but perfection is a killer people !

of course if you don’t want to waste time you can just turn your blanket and continue as mentioned

anyways returning to the blanket and after doing a row of singles in beige now do three rows of singles in white !

your bobbles will be in the fourth row

when starting the fourth row, crochet 9 single crochets and make a bobble in the 10th single and so on and so on till you end the row with 9 singles.

end this part with three more rows of single crochets in white till the wide part adds up to 7 rows of singles including the row with the bobbles

from there you can continue with the colors remaining always keeping the same order

row of beige, row of blue, row of beige, row of white, row of beige, wide row of blue with white bobbles.

To all those who can make no sense of the pattern I’ve written , please don’t panic. sign up to receive my posts by email as I’ll be uploading a boringly details pattern with lots of pictures and instructions for the border (I’m not there yet)

hopefully its a crowd pleaser

Enjoy and be kind to one another !

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