It took me weeks to get this blog up and running, hours of squinting in front of my screen, cropping and cloning.. reading color codes and downloading images, finally i got all this together and did a heading that is not special yet seeking perfection, because I my friends have a disease , border line psychotic but social enough to be acceptable.. I’m a perfectionist! Not only when it comes to editing a blogs heading but in everything i do, i guess this explains all the cake batters thrown down the drain. all the hand made cards cut into pieces and all the yarn I’ve wasted to get my blanket just right.

and speaking of blankets ive started one just the other day, it’s too late in the night for me “display ” it but ill try to publish the pattern and the picture this week .

stay posted

and be kind to one another

PS: i thought i should mention that the elements in my header are from and

fonts are downloaded from